Project Description

Apartment Development at Glenbeg, Clonattin, Gorey, Co. Wexford

This project involved the conversion and retrofit of an existing Creche Building which was constructed in 2006 into 8 Nr residential apartments for Wexford County Council including all structural alterations and strengthening works.

The original building was of loadbearing masonry construction, with a precast concrete floor at level 1 and a timber trussed roof. The structural works entailed forming new penetrations through existing structure, local demolition of structure and strengthening of the existing roof to support a new fire rated ceiling required to adequately compartmentalise the existing open-plan building. New steel framed balconies were also installed to the perimeter of the building.

DRA Consulting Engineers are providing structural engineering services in the project from Planning Stage through to Construction.

The overall team included:

Client: Bawn Developments Ltd. / Wexford County Council

Architects: O’Driscoll Lynn Architects