Healthcare facilities present a number of technical challenges to the engineers tasked with their design.

They require flexible structures that can rapidly accommodate changes of use to meet the demands of ever evolving medical technology and changing clinical needs. Patient comfort and sensitive medical equipment often necessitate strict vibration control while radiation and imaging equipment require specialist shielding structures. Healthcare facilities are highly services buildings and coordination of the structure with the building and medical services is of fundamental importance.

New hospital developments are often constructed on live hospital campuses and innovative approaches to staging and decanting are often required to allow for the construction of the new facility while keeping the existing facilities and services operational.

Brian Healy
Brian HealyAssociate Director

Healthcare Specialist

Our healthcare specialist Brian Healy has led the design and delivery of numerous large-scale healthcare projects in Australia. He has extensive experience in designing specialised and highly services facilities and has specialist knowledge in the design of structures required to achieve strict vibration performance.

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