DRA’s structural engineering team brings together a group of highly experienced engineers who have an established reputation for successfully delivering complex structural engineering projects throughout Ireland and Internationally.

Our team have worked with leading architects, consultants and contractors from around the world and have leading edge knowledge and experience in all facets of the construction process.

Structural Engineering is about analysis followed by design.

Analysis involves understanding the paths that nature’s forces take through the structures we build and how the elements and materials used in the structure behave in response to these forces. The analysis we undertake ranges from first principal hand calculations to developing complex numerical models using powerful software packages.

Design converts the analytical model into something that can be constructed and that can safely and economically carry the applied forces through the structure for its intended lifetime.

DRA utilises the latest technology, underpinned with a sound understanding of first principles, to design and document innovative and economical structural designs. We utilise Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to integrate our design models with our documentation model in 3 dimensions (3D) to deliver a coordinated model to all parties in the construction process.

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