Quality of service has been at the core of our business since formation in 2006.

DRA has an internal Quality Management System which, after an external audit process by the NSAI, has achieved ISO 9001 accreditation for quality management. This demonstrates our continued commitment to excellence in quality service, continual improvement and client satisfaction.

ISO 9001:2015 is the world’s foremost quality management standard, which is used by organisations in over 170 countries across the globe. It sets out the requirements for a quality management system (QMS), which helps organisations to work in a more efficient manner.

It is based on a number of key principles including client focus, fostering strong leaderships, evidence-based decision making and continual improvement and is awarded to organisations who achieve consistently high standards in the area of quality management.

As an ISO 9001 accredited firm, we have procedures in place which allow us to ensure that we consistently provide a service which is in line with current best practice globally.

As part of our Quality Management System, we have a Health & Safety Statement which is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the company is complaint with all relevant Health & Safety Legislation. This Health & Safety Statement contains the following information:

1. Company Statement
1.1. Company Declaration
1.2. Application
1.3. Objectives of this Safety Statement
1.4. Assigned Responsibilities & Contacts
1.5. Incident Reporting

2. Risk Assessment & Mitigation Measures
2.1. Methodology & Reference
2.2. Identified Risks & Mitigation Measures

3. Periodic Reviews
3.1. Schedule of Reviews
3.2. Use of Contractors
3.3. Contractors Input
3.4. Safety Statement Review Checklist

Our adopted Quality Management System covers all aspects of our company management, operations, health & safety and continuous improvement. We also adopt a policy of ensuring that we have highly trained staff, both managerial and technical and ensure that all employees achieve 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development training every year. We also ensure that we provide the best in terms of technical resources including engineering software, equipment and reference libraries.

All outputs including reports, designs, drawings and specifications undergo a two-stage checking process whereby the work is checked by a suitably qualified peer and then verified by the project director / manager prior to issue. Our record keeping system both in terms of incoming & outgoing documents forms part of our Quality Management System and ensure accurate recording and ease of access.

The above ensures that our clients benefit from a high-quality service provided by our team. We strive to continuously improve our service and as part of our Quality Management System, we continuously seek feedback from clients and adopt company objectives to improve our operations and service to clients.

INET CErtificate
NSAI Certificate