New ideas, methods and processes which provide benefit to the client, the end-user and/or environment.

True innovation cannot be realised unless you surround yourself with key stakeholders who are industry leaders in their respective disciplines and who have an open-minded approach to change and creativity.

So that we can actively participate in the process, we ensure that all of our engineers are constantly keep abreast of latest advances in materials, processes and products.

Key to being able to bring value and innovation to a project is to understand the design brief and to understand clearly what the end-user and client is looking to achieve on the project.

Once the brief and project principles are understood in detail, we conduct a review amongst the senior members of the DRA staff to assess whether we think that the principles put in place are best suited to achieve the goals that have been set by the client and end-users of the facility.

If we believe that increased value can be brought to the project by challenging the proposed parameters / principles, we will seek to discuss this in open and inclusive forum and highlight the potential benefit that can be brought to the project through modification of set criteria.

It is this approach of challenging and reviewing the basis of design and engineering options being adopted on an ongoing basis that we believe brings true innovation to a project, rather than simply moving forward with the solution that was used on the previous project which was similar in nature.

Some examples of innovation that DRA have implemented and provided value for projects are shown below: